Why Choose Matruchhaya

Matruchhaya Clinic is a leading clinical setup expertise in the of obstetric gynaecology & in field of infertility for the past 5 years. We are one of the leading fertility centre in Raipur, Chhatisgarh, India. Similarly, we are providing specialised treatment on kidney disease. With a vision to provide our patients top-class, personalized, compassionate fertility care & kidney related treatment.

There are numerous reasons as to why Matruchhaya Clinic should be your first choice, below are a few reasons. Our IVF clinic is one of the adequate integrated fertility providers in Chhatisgarh. Each and every detail has been designed by our chief consultant, embryologists using their vast knowledge and experience to ensure that the patients receive the best possible treatment and care, with the help of our dedicated team. The centre also provides a conducive environment to the patients for obtaining relaxation while going through the treatment.

Personalised program

Science has made so many advances in the field of fertility treatment that it can be quite stressful for someone who is navigating through the process, every individual who is looking for fertility treatment is different unique features.
We, therefore, understand the physical, emotional and financial aspect of our patient and we work jointly with our patient to satisfy their needs.

Accessibility of our patient & attendant

At Matruchhaya Clinic, the motto of patient-doctor relationship is the fundamental vision. We ensure that the patient builds the trust and confidence on the doctor and is kept consistent, which is key to success of entire treatment. As we understand that going through the fertility & kidney related treatment is very emotional, we walk through the journey with you.

Precise diagnosis & treatment

We believe in only recommending the best treatment suitable for you, once all the bare minimum investigations are done to recognize the reason of disease. We understand that every patient is different and ensure that everyone receives personalized and empathetic care.

Confidentiality and patient rights

Fertility treatment is extremely sensitive, and we give it the utmost priority to the patient's privacy.

Ethical treatment and transparent pricing

Matruchhaya Clinic centre, guided by the highest ethical standards, we provide our patients with a clear picture of the situation, the doctor-in-charge will explain in detail about the treatment that you will be carried out. It always concentrate on requirement based diagnosis and treatment.

The cost associated with the respective treatment will be informed upfront. This will include all the prescribed tests, procedures, medication along with the care. Some special cases might need to go through an additional test which will be informed. With Matruchhaya Clinic you always safe there is no hidden charges.